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Who's who?

Councillors and MP

Name Position Contact Details
Patricia Stallard County Councillor 02392 251484
Linda Gemmell District Councillor 01489 895023
Frank Pearson District Councillor 01489 892822
Vicki Weston District Councillor 01329 835161
Flick Drummond MP 020 7219 3000


Parish Council members

If you want to send an email to the Parish Council, you can use our site contact form.


Name Position and responsibilities   Contact Details
John Hyland
Northern Ward
Jane Masterman
Vice Chair
Northern Ward
David Salmon
Southern Ward
01489 8786859
Bob Stranks
Southern Ward
Neil Findlay
Northern Ward
Arabella Turner
Southern Ward
Roger Lunn
Sam Marland      
Kevin Lamport      
Jenny Clarke
Clerk & Proper Officer
01489 877836