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Soberton Parish Council – meeting dates

Full Council

20th October 2020 Minutes

19th January 2021 Agenda

16th March 2021

18th May 2021

19th October 2021


Policy Committee

17th November 2020 - Minutes

16th February 2021 - Agenda

15th June 2021

16th November 2021


Action Committee

15th December 2020 Agenda

20th April 2021

21st September 2021

21st December 2021


Minutes of Meetings

District Council Reports

County Council Reports

Planning Applications

January 2021

November 2020


    Policies and Procedures

    The role of the Parish Council in the Comminity


    Soberton Parish Council Code of Conduct for Members

    Standing Orders

    Financial Regulations

    Media Policy

    Financial Risk Assessment

    CPA Risk Assessment

    Assets Register

    Notice of Conclusion of Audit

    Cashbook 2019 - 2020

    Cashbook 2020 - 


    Who's Who

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    Flood Action Group