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Parish Design Statement

Dear Residents,

Your urgent help is needed for this important project.

Attached is a draft ‘PDS-toolkit’ document for issue to all Soberton Parish residents seeking their views about how they would like our villages and countryside to look in the future.  

Whether that view is for 'no change' or 'some change' this document is designed to identify what they like and do not like, what they want more of, or less of, and what’s good and what’s not so good in their view.

This is part of the required statutory consultation process to secure the adoption of our new Parish Design Statement (PDS).

This will be our own supplementary planning document with its prime purpose being to ensure good development, if and when it happens.  

The plan is to get feedback from residents in each street, lane and road in our community so that the PDS Working Group can pull together all that information to form the basis of the final PDS document.

We think this first stage is best done by networking with neighbours and asking them for their comments, and if they (or you!) will ‘champion’ feedback for that street, lane or road.

By using the usual media available to us there will be regular reminders and updates.

So please read carefully the attached document noting any comments that you may have about it, and reply with these to the Clerk of the Council (Mr Brendan Gibbs) as soon as you can, and before the end of this month (28th February 2023).

Once your feedback is received and amendments are made, the Parish Council will promote the toolkit to get more residents engaged to start this important process.  

Thank you for your help with this and we look forward to your comments.

The Toolkit can be found HERE