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Fencing work starts on St Clair's Meadow

Now that the meadow is finally drying out after the exceptional rains earlier in the year, we have been informed by the HIWWT Reserves Officer, Chris Lycett, that contractors will be installing the new fencing from the end of July and throughout August. 

The fencing team will access the meadow via the Selworth Lane entrance and once the work is complete the Trust hopes complete the Trust hopes to introduce cattle to the site in August.

At the southern end – the Selworth Lane end – the meadow will be fenced completely except along the river frontage, with no public access. 

At the northern end – the West Street end – the fencing will enclose much of the meadow, leaving a footpath along the river bank which will lead to the newly created steps on to the railway line (where the snicket from the High Street goes under the railway). This will create a pleasant walk across the field and back to the railway line.The perimeter fencing of the western bank of the river at the West Street end will also be renewed.

HIWWT officials attended a meeting with West Street residents in July to discuss the impact of visitor parking and review options. It was agreed that, in the first instance, residents would monitor parking in West Street and on the Five Trees Triangle closely over the summer. HIWWT agreed to increase signage both on the site and around West Street.

It was also noted that commercial dog walkers require a licence from HIWWT before using the site and residents were asked to pass on details of companies using the meadow in this way.

You can also direct questions or comments to HIWWT via the website’s Contact tab. These will be forwarded by the sub-committee to the HIWWT.

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