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St Clair’s Meadow– Frequently Asked Questions

"Will I still be able to walk my dogs down to the river?"

Yes but we ask that dogs are kept under control and you keep to the designated paths. We would also ask that all dog walkers pick up after their dogs. Dog mess contains bacteria that are harmful to both humans and livestock.

"Can my dogs roam freely in the water meadow?"

This will not be possible due to conservation issues and the presence of cattle on site

 "Will my children still be allowed to paddle in the river?"

We do not condone this activity due to health and safety reasons but recognise that some access may still occur. We ask that the areas designated as restoration areas (marked on site) are avoided.

"Will we still be allowed to have picnics in the meadow?"

Barbeques and arranged events are not allowed. We ask that if small scale picnicking takes place that this is done sensitively to both the environment and to local people and that all rubbish is removed.

"Is there going to be a car park so that we can park our cars more easily?"

There will not be any provision for parking cars due to the rural nature of the site

"Will people from outside the Parish still be allowed to use the water meadow?"

The site will not be advertised by the Trust but will remain with permissive access. We reserve the right to close access to the site at times that we deem appropriate.

 “As the village raised some of the money to buy the water Meadows, why will there be restrictions?”

The Trust is extremely appreciative of the contribution that the local residents made towards the purchase of the site. We now hope to fulfil our primary role which is conservation and environmental education. This will require some of the site access to be restricted but we wish to work with the local community to make sure it remains an enjoyable local resource.

“Cows will be a danger to the public”

Fencing will be installed so that there will be no access by the public to areas where cattle are grazing. This also reduces dog related incidents and potential illness/infection spreading to the livestock.

“Why are they grazing?”

Grazing is an excellent tool for conservation as it removes the tougher vegetation, allowing flowers and other herbaceous plants to thrive. This has further benefits to invertebrates and birds. Our grazing will aim to improve the grassland for wintering and breeding wading species such as Lapwing and Golden Plover.

“Can we still access the riverside walk?”

Yes, we shall be fencing off the field but will leave ample room to walk by and enjoy the river. We do ask that people/dogs do not access the river in the areas designated for restoration.

“Who will own the fishing rights on the river?

Fishing rights are under discussion between the HIWWT and the previous tenant.